Tips for Choose a Laptop Design

The key to choosing the right laptop design is considering how you and your team work. Here are a few questions to ask yourself (or your employees) before you shop Situs Nonton Movie Sub Indo.

Do I want a hybrid laptop or a traditional laptop? You’re already familiar with traditional laptops that open on a hinge, but now there’s another breed of hybrid laptops to consider. Hybrid laptops, also called convertible laptops or 2-in-1s, are laptops that double as stand-alone tablets.

Some hybrid laptops’ screens detach completely from the keyboard, while others have hinges with a 180-degree range of motion, so you can fold the laptop inside out and use it as a tablet. Employees who travel a lot or currently switch back and forth between a laptop (for typing) and a tablet (for stylus and touchscreen use) may be a good match for a hybrid design. However, you should be aware that a 2-in-1 with high specs will cost more than a standard-hinge laptop with the same specs.

Is a comfortable keyboard a high priority? When you’re busy looking at laptop designs, it’s easy to forget about the basics and be dazzled by gorgeous chassis and high-resolution screens, but keyboard comfort is an important factor for most business users. In fact, an uncomfortable keyboard will be a much bigger barrier to productivity than a slightly unimpressive PPI or a bland design. While you shop, keep in mind that the smaller the laptop, the smaller the keyboard, and that typing on a miniature keyboard for hours at a time can be tiresome.

Why You Should Offer Paternity Leave to Your Employees

As a small business owner, you have the opportunity to make a big difference in your employees’ lives by allowing them to spend time with their family when they welcome a new child situs judi online. While offering some form of leave for new mothers is fairly common, U.S. companies rarely offer the same benefit for new fathers. If you’re thinking about offering paternity leave, it’s important to understand existing laws regarding family leave, the pros and cons of offering paternity leave and how to develop a paternity leave policy.

Paternity leave is paid or unpaid time off employers give to new dads. To help new mothers bond with their children after birth, many companies offer paid or unpaid maternity leave, but fewer employers offer paternity leave. In both cases, parental leave is offered after a child is born or adopted.

What separates paternity leave from maternity leave is that the latter generally covers all stages of pregnancy, whereas paternity leave typically allows for time off only after the child is born or adopted. In the case of same-sex couples, this type of leave is known as spousal leave.

Rocklin suing Loomis over Costco project

Citing concerns about traffic impacts, the city of Rocklin is going to court to rescind approvals for a proposed Costco store development in judi online neighboring Loomis.

In a Placer County Superior Court lawsuit scheduled for its first hearing in February, attorneys for Rocklin state that Loomis officials didn’t adequately consider traffic impacts in their environmental analysis of the project, which is across the street or against Rocklin city limits to the east and south.

In an emailed statement, Rocklin City Attorney Sheri Chapman said the two municipalities have been in talks about resolving some of those issues, but lack of resolution left Rocklin with no choice but to go to court.

“Loomis has yet to address the project’s flawed site design and ensure Costco pays for adequate traffic mitigation now, instead of Rocklin residents paying for the mitigation later, since the majority of roads leading to the Costco are within Rocklin city limits,” she said.

Sean Rabé, Loomis’ town manager, said in an email he was familiar with the suit but could not comment on existing litigation.

The Loomis Town Council approved in August the 155,000-square-foot Costco store and a branded 24-pump gas station for the southeast corner of Brace Road and Sierra College Boulevard. Chapman said Rocklin officials first raised concerns about the project three years ago.

Rocklin’s suit requests the court vacate the approvals and the environmental impact report for the project. According to the suit, Loomis didn’t adequately disclose data used to support traffic impact assumptions in the report, didn’t disclose all the potential impacts and didn’t account for inconsistencies with the town’s general plan policies and zoning code.

Chapman’s email cited only one public entrance-exit to the Costco site as one of the potential issues, compared to five for an existing Costco in Roseville.

Sacramento law firm Abbott & Kindermann Inc. is listed in the suit as working on Rocklin’s behalf in addition to Chapman.

A Costco Wholesale Corp. (Nasdaq: COST) representative declined to comment Tuesday, citing company policy not to comment on new stores until they’re close to opening. The Loomis Costco store has not yet broken ground.